MediSun Technology
Healthy Sun™

The Team

MediSun Technology™ was founded in 2010 by a father-daughter team, Larry Spatz, his daughter Adora Spatz Sauer, and Barry Jay Riskin, M.D., who became interested in vitamin D and it's dramatic medical benefits. After studying the growing body of research on vitamin D and the challenges of getting sufficient vitamin D directly from the sun, the group began researching methods of vitamin D delivery, and found that phototherapy may be the most effective delivery system to optimize vitamin D.

In conjunction with a world class medical device engineering firm, Livingston Products Inc., they developed an entirely new, revolutionary UVB only phototherapy treatment system, the MediSun. The MediSun is designed to deliver medically supervised treatment for vitamin D deficiency. It is a breakthrough technology that increases users’ levels of vitamin D, enhances athletic performance, reduces pain, and boosts immunity.

Larry Spatz, Co-founder and CEO

Mr. Spatz is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has founded and developed a number of successful companies including the largest nightclub chain in the world as well as Enabled Enterprises, a ground breaking business supporting veterans. Mr. Spatz also founded the Children of Heroes Foundation.



Adora Spatz SauerMs. Sauer has over ten years of leadership experience in operations, sales and marketing within the health industry. Additionally, Ms. Sauer was integrally involved in the development, research, and testing of MediSun.




Dr. RiskinDr. Riskin specializes in treating complex neurological disorders and has been in private practice for over 20 years. Dr. Riskin holds a Clinical Assistant Professorship at the University of Illinois. Dr. Riskin is also a national speaker on neurological disorders.



Troy Livingston  -  Chief Engineer

Troy Livingston has over 40 years of engineering innovation experience. He has extensive expertise with concept, manufacture and design of electrical, mechanical and software engineering Livingston Products, Inc. has produced over 400 products for medical device companies such as GE and Siemens.



James Mukoyama Major General Retired

General Mukoyama is the MediSun military liaison. He is promoting our technology and coordinating clinical trials within the VA and DoD. After retiring from 32 years of military service, he now spearheads veteran advocacy programs and has developed strong relationships within the VA and DoD. He serves as the veteran liaison for the Lovell Federal Health Care Center.


Richard M. Cooke  -  Chief Engineer

Casey OwensRichard is an accomplished Program, Engineering, Senior Manager experienced in: directing complex projects, developing strategies and successfully leading teams to complete key projects and initiatives. Especially adept at developing new products while reducing costs and increasing profitability. Richard is owner of Rc3 Consulting LLC. His background includes product development, project management and design and as a Digital Electronics Program Manager , has won contracts from Boeing, Rockwell Collins and Lockheed Martin.


Col. Jayson Sawyer Retired

Army Colonel Jayson Sawyer, Retired, is MediSun’s Military Liaison. He graduated from West Point on the Commandant’s List in 1982. 83rd in his class of 863. He is a veteran of command tours, tenure as the Chief of the United States Army Armor Center’s Combat Committee. He has served on military staffs at Army HQ levels, including the E-Ring of the Pentagon. Jayson focuses his efforts on the creation of strategic alliances for MediSun.


Catherine Best, PhD  Vice President – Director of Research and Clinical Trials

Dr. Best, holds a Research Assistant Professorship at the University of Illinois. Dr. Best is a neuroscientist whose expertise is interfacing bioengineering with medical devices, and the application of advanced microscopy techniques to biomedical problems. Dr. Best is also a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, College of Medicine, University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Best, as an independent researcher, is spearheading clinical trials.


Milton Feng, PhD -  LED Consultant

Dr. Feng has published over 237 papers, 216 conference talks, and been granted 35 U.S. patents in semiconductor microelectronics. He is an IEEE and OSA Fellow, and serves on many executive and strategy committees both in industry and at conferences. He brings his expertise to MediSun regarding recent LED technological innovations and miniaturization of medical technology for consumers.