MediSun Technology
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Athletic performance enhancement

We are beginning clinical performance tests on casual weekend athletes. Athletes will be tested to determine whether the benefits of UVB from our technology affect performance and vitamin D levels after various intervals of time. These tests will be established by medical professionals and expert kinesiologists and all protocols will be international-review board (IRB) approved.

PlayersVitamin D can help athletes improve muscle tone and strength, enhance balance, shorten reaction time and boost
physical endurance. Because vitamin D becomes a natural steroid in the body, it has been linked repeatedly to improved athletic performance and reduced injuries.1

Our proprietary Healthy Sun™ technology — MediSun — uses the benefits of vitamin D light therapy, to potentially boost athletic performance and shorten recovery times, and reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue.

New York Giants

Athletes with higher levels of vitamin D sustain fewer injuries. In 2010, researchers measured the vitamin D levels of all 89 New York Giants football players. Researchers then compared the vitamin D levels of the players who had avoided injury during the previous season to those players who had sustained injuries. They discovered that the average vitamin D level of those players who had sustained injuries was roughly 20 percent lower than that of the uninjured players (regardless of age, height, weight and body mass index (BMI).2

Athletes with high vitamin D levels also tend to perform better. For instance, a number of studies have cited the pivotal role that vitamin D played in the domination of the Russian and East German athletes at the Olympics in the 1960s through the early 1980s. “Sunlamp therapy” is often credited with giving these athletes a competitive edge. In fact, Russian and German researchers have been writing about the performance-enhancing benefits of vitamin D since the late 1930s.3

Chicago Blackhawks

Consider the Chicago Blackhawks. After not winning a championship for 50 years, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010. That season, most players took a daily 5,000 IU vitamin D supplement, and injury rates fell significantly.4

Sports teams and athletes will want to benefit from this natural, legal and non-pharmaceutical approach to performance enhancement. Pending the completion of our research, we plan to market the MediSun to sports teams, trainers, physical therapists and health clubs.




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